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How To Chose Right Air Purifier For My Car in 2021?

  Air pollution is severely dangerous on roads therefore riding in a car in a city is kind of like being trapped in a polluted bubble when you are on the road. The air pollution gets multiplied if you smoke in the car (even with the windows down), have pets or driving in areas with very high AQI levels. So, what do you need to do when you feel the need to breathe fresh and clean air? In this article, we will try to dig into details and try to find out ways so that you can solve air pollution issues in your car. Being a manufacturer of high quality HEPA filters and Car AC HEPA filters , we will like to bring in the benefits of using high efficiency filters in your car. What is Car Air Pollution & What Are Sources Car air pollution can come from many different sources. Here we are trying to show some common sources of car air pollution: Perfume, Odors like body odor, shoes etc.  Cigarette smoke Different kind of vehicle exhaust entering in the car  Carbon Dioxide Pet Dander Various p
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Best Car Air Purifier in 2021. What You Can Do With Car AC Filter?

  A car cabin filter or car cabin air filter, keeps dangerous pollution out of the car cabin and is an important part in any vehicle. It cleans the air so that you can breathe helps to clean the air you breathe. A car cabin filter or car cabin air filter, keeps dangerous pollution out of the car cabin and helps to clean the air you breathe. Car Air Filter or Car Cabin Air Filter. What does the car cabin filter do? The car cabin filter in a vehicle removes large particles, including pollen and dust, from the air you breathe in the car. This filter is normally located behind the glovebox and cleans the air as it moves through the vehicle's HVAC system. How often should a car cabin filter be replaced, if sometime you notice that your car has a not so comfortable smell or the airflow has decreased, you should replace the car cabin filter to give the system. But if you are driving in a polluted city environment, car cabin filter purpose is not completed as it is not able to capture smal